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Healthy Way is a gluten-free, organic alternative to today’s otherwise preservative-filled food options. We have a couple convenient locations in prestigious areas in Marietta, GA and Atlanta, GA. Our mission at Healthy Way is to provide healthy, gluten free foods to people who lead active and productive lifestyles. In order to complete this mission we offer a number of services to our valued customers.

At Healthy Way it is our belief that the customer’s needs should come first. That is precisely why we offer round the clock catering for a variety of events that can range from social gatherings to business meetings. To provide this service we have hand-picked a more than capable staff that’s ready to meet your every request. In line with our customer heavy business model we have the added perk of what we call our very own personal touch; this is where we take a recipe given to us by the customer and work tirelessly to integrate it into our cooking style.

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Manager Dylan Brackett

Dylan Brackett


Our manager, Dylan, is the most organized and productive person we know. Specifically chosen, our manager balances our numbers, and sorts and fills orders. Our manager works hard to ensure that orders are correct.

Chef Mason Rodriguez

Mason Rodriguez


Our chef, Mason, is the best chef around. Our chef spends large amounts of his time to make sure you get the most heavenly tasting gluten free dishes. Our chef prides himself in the quality and detail that he puts into his work.

Co-owner Britney Ashton

Britney Ashton


Britney started Healthy Way with Dannon to serve good, healthy and gluten free food. It was their mission to find ways to bring every day delicious foods to those who cannot consume gluten, or are trying to lead a more organic, natural lifestyle.

Co-owner Dannon crowe

Dannon Crowe


When Dannon approached Britney with the idea to start Healthy Way, he had the idea of creating a gluten-free environment while keeping the food at a high standard and amazing taste. Dannon's high standard for food helped create our wonderful menu!

Two convenient locations!

Marietta, GA

2675 Cobb Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30080

Atlanta, GA

190 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30303

Visit either of our beautiful locations today for a wonderful meal!

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Customer Reviews

Martin Tompkins

My wife has been telling me to start eating healthier, so on my way home from work I decided to stop off at Healthy Way and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed. The service was seamless; each of my items came out effortlessly with no mistakes."

Martin Tompkins

Vincent Woodside

In my experience with these sorts of restaurants, they are generally generic. They offer little to no customer friendly experience. This, however, was not the case with Healthy Way. I was indeed surprised by the overall atmosphere and feel of the restaurant."

Vincent Woodside

Natalie Dougherty

If you come to Healthy Way, then I hope you come prepared for an unforgettable experience. I mean, the hospitality alone makes me want to keep coming back."

Natalie Dougherty

Jason Todd

I never thought that I would eat at a restaurant that could make gluten-free food taste delicious, then I found Healthy Way. The food was amazingly healthy, and delicious."

Jason Todd

Nate Simmons

This food really changed the way I think about my average restaurant experience. Before, I would go out and eat and be totally disappointed by the experience. After being introduced to Healthy Way, I feel invigorated by the great food and kind hearted servers. "

Nate Simmons

Dorothy Jamison

My name is Dorothy, I work as an event organizer for a local law firm. In my line of work, I don’t have time to waste running back and forth worrying about every small detail. That’s why I have Healthy Way do my catering for me. It’s quick and easy."

Dorothy Jamison

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