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What's different?

We specialize in making baked goods that are gluten-free because your health is important.


By making foods without gluten, the health benefits skyrocket.

Quality taste.

We don't cut on taste. These foods will actually taste better than typical breads!

Fresh ingredients

Since we make all of it from scratch to bring you health, you can also count on freshness.

Stunning looks.

And last but not least, our chefs pride themselves in making appetizing looking plates.

Meet the chef

Hello everybody! I am Seok Bao, the master chef and baker for Bready. As a child, I grew up with a lot of bread foods. I loved baked goods. However, as I grew older, I realized that such foods were bad on my health. I began experimenting. I began trying new things. Taste and health are equal in priority when I make foods. I learned how to make goods without the need for gluten and sometimes, without wheat while accomplishing the same great taste. Now, I spend my time making sure I can bring the joy that touches my tastebuds to you!

-Seok Bao,
Professional chef and baker since 1984

A preview of our menu

Cress Slices

Poppy Seed Almond Cake

Baked Baguettes

Cream Puffs

Customer reviews

Don't just take it from us. Find out why so many customers are ready to eat at Bready.

Before I was ready, my life was a mess. Once this bakery came into my life, I was swept away!

-Alivery Furdudan
The bread is simply fantastic. Even my friends who aren't insane enough to go on strange diets are making the switch to gluten-free foods!

-Kurcan Hilason
Whether you sit down in the bakery's relaxing environment or you take something back home to enjoy, the products here will always bring a smile to your face, and your scale!

-Banalam Rekapa