Welcome To Pike Place Bistro

Pike Place Bistro is Seattle’s finest gluten and wheat free bakery and restaurant. We believe that everyone should have the ability to eat wherever they want even if they are sensitive to some ingredients. All of our products are gluten and wheat free, all while tasting delicious! We use only the freshest ingredients we can to satisfy our customers.

As you sit in our elegant bistro and dine on our spectacular food, enjoy the wonderful view of Seattle’s famous Space Needle and the beautiful scenery of the Puget Sound.  After your satisfying meal, go for a walk around our famous Pike Place Market!



  • Both of my kids are sensitive to gluten and it has really been a struggle finding a gluten free restaurant they actually like! When we went to Pike Place Bistro, they really liked the kids menu and I loved the adult menu with its variety of gluten and wheat free options. I also felt very relaxed sitting at Pike Place Bistro, with the great view of the Seattle Space Needle and the friendly environment, I felt right at home! ~ Miranda Lee

  • Pike Place Bistro was AMAZING! I have been searching for a gluten free restaurant for a while for myself and my children, but have never found one that I actually liked. This is when I found Pike Place Bistro, absolutely in love! For sure will come again! I really enjoyed their amazing service and the quality of their dishes. My favorite dish would probably have to be the Garden Pasta or White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! Delicious! You would not even know that all of their food was gluten and wheat Free! ~ Aria Sharbuja

  • I loved Pike Place Bistro, it had a variety of gluten and wheat free options. My whole family loved it, and for sure will go back! I really enjoyed their fast service. My family of four came to the restaurant, got a table right away and got our food in no time! My wife really enjoyed the bakery items, especially the Cinnamon Coffee Cake With Coconut Cream! Overall, absolutely THE Best! ~ Nicoli Fox